Our Products


Spare Parts for Tractors

Agrokom Ltd supplies and manufactures high quality parts to Agricultural Tractors specialising in:

  • Engine Parts - Cummins and Iveco Engines

  • Electrics - Starters, Alternators, Switches & Regulators

  • Transmission - Bearings, Belts, Chains, Clutches and Breaks

  • Filtration - all Filter types

  • Implement Parts - Ploughs, Harrows, Seeders and Cultivators.


All parts sold by Agrokom Ltd are under our company's guarantee.



Spare Parts for Combines

The modern combine harvester is the most complicated and expensive piece of equipment used on most farms. It is probably also the least used. In order to increase combine productivity and justify the expense of ownership we offer the highest quality Knives, Fingers, Sprockets, Blades and other wearable parts on the market. This allows farmers to have the maximum amount of working hours in a filed which in turn results in maximum profits.


New Product Development

We are always innovating . Times doesn't stand still and neither do we. New Products are developed by Agrokom all the time and we pride ourselves on our product sourcing and manufacturing . We take on customer's projects and from nothing we develop and deliver high quality solutions - new parts, new sizes, new brands. 


engine parts are our speciality


we ignite your electrics with the world's best - Dixie Electric.


we take care of a smooth transmission


we purify your engine


we look after your harvest

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